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Line Stretcher
04-20-2013, 07:31 PM
Just thought I'd update everyone on the status of the lake. Val Aubrey has posted some new pictures of the conditions at the lake. EagleLakeFishing.Net Eagle Lake Fishiing California (http://www.eaglelakefishing.net).

The lake levels are not what we're used to so we have to adjust. It's not a dust bowl and the low level launch ramp at the south end of the lake is in good shape.

The ramp at Spaulding will probably last unitl mid July. The drive to the south end to launch isn't bad at all.

The lake opens for fishing on Memorial Day weekend. I'll be there the 22nd through the 29th of June. I've let Dave Leroy of Eagle Lake Heritage Realty, (Spaulding) know that if any fellow sniffers call for reservations during that time frame they are part of my party. Just say that Steve Schefer referred you and Dave will take care of the rest. I don't get any monitary kickbacks from Dave, just real fishing reports upon arrival.

The RV park in Spaulding may still have slips available. I got mine around the first of the year when I made my annual lodging reservations.

Don't be afraid or scared off by what you hear. The lake is fishable and will be fishable all season. Boating on the fishable parts of the lake is not going to be a problem. The lake has always had bad spots, even in the best of years.

Val has her email and phone number on her website. Don't be shy about calling her for info. She knows that lake better than anyone I know.

If you don't want to make the drive from Spaulding, then check out the South end campgrounds or rent a hotel room in Susanville. Maybe it's not what your used to but what the heck, your going to be fishing for some of the feistiest trout around so who cares.

The Indian Casino in Susanville always has some decent entertainment and food and the resturants in Susanville are decent enough.

Just get up there this season and fish. I guarantee you won't regret it.