View Full Version : Santa Cruz Salmon April 21, 2013

04-21-2013, 01:46 PM
Two Kings (one wild 6#, one hatchery 14#) in under two hours (my first ocean salmon boat limit). 5 HNS, no LDR or SDR. I fished (solo) for the 3rd time. I launched at Santa Cruz. Less than a 15 minute wait to launch. I motored out at 18-19 mph in the dark. I trolled trolled all day on my main motor at 2.5 mph. Cable baiter with a naked anchovy all day at 88 OTW. I used both downrigger balls today, Hot Spot green/silver flasher on one, Kone Zone flasher on the other. I needed bells on my rod tip, again, to detect the hits as I had to pay attention to other boaters in the area. I motored in at 18-23 mph. 4 hours (6-10), 28 miles. one location N 49.593, W 59.272, water 320 deep, 50.7* (lots of bait, birds). Sunrise 6:25, % moon visible 72. Santa Cruz tides: L 1:57 1.7, H 7:44 3.9. All of my action occurred within the last two hours of the outgo. Water 50.7*, very little debris on or in the water. Air 50-62*. Sky clear. Wind 6 mph, wind waves 1-3, swell W 4-6 @ 9 seconds (very comfortable motoring and trolling). A lot of boats out today. Sounded like a better day than Thursday or Friday.

04-22-2013, 06:10 AM
Good stuff!
And i bet its that much more rewarding when you can pull it off solo