View Full Version : Pyramid 4/19-20

04-21-2013, 06:50 PM
We made it up for our annual spring pyramid trip and I'd have to say that, although the weather cooperated, the fishing was the worst I have seen it for this time of year. Between the North and South nets, the top score I heard of was 7 fish. Normally, we expect to get a minimum of 10 fish with a normal day upwards of 25 fish. Still, it was a great time. The weather was great with the exception of a strong north wind friday afternoon.

Hot fly was a black wooly bugger. Next best was a white and pink beetle. I saw a handful caught on nymphs, two on lures and a couple on a black jig, but there was no true "best fly". Yesterday, most people finished with 0-2 fish with more getting 0 than 2. Same thing on friday. We saw some fish cruising, but it was mainly single fish with one pod of about 10 that went by. It was about a 50-50 mixture of the pilot peak and old LCT strains landed and there were no big fish that we saw caught out of about 100 people split between the two beaches.

Still, as always, we had a great trip. You can't beat Pyramid period and it was a great time, minus the catching. It seems like the fish are very late this year... Hope that's the case because everyone was saying it has been very slow.

Captain Compassion
04-21-2013, 08:33 PM
Sorry that things weren't up to expectations but Pyamid is wonderful reguardless of fishing. It's my opinion that fishing patterns for shore anglers may be changing. The tribe has gone to a more distributed way of stocking fingerlings. Less are stocked at the hatchery it's self and more at other stocking locations such as Warrior, Block House and Popcorn. Spawned out fish are also returned to the lake away from the hatchery. The stocking of Pilot Peak fish that come to the lake from Gardnerville via Fernley and Nixon are planted mainly in the south part of the lake. Action may be may be shifting south. Time will tell.