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05-06-2013, 05:59 AM
Hello folks,

I'm interested about your opion about braid vs. mono for different applications in salt water:

1. I figured it's mono when salmon trolling on party boats, how about use of downriggers on a smaller boat or 2.5lbs weight trolling ona smaller boat, let's say with up to 6 lines out total?
My concern is if braid tangles, can get pretty ugly, but I know that people have been using braid with both downriggers and weights. I think generally 20-30lbs for mono, 30-65lbs for braid.

2. Live bait drifting for halibut & stripers. My personal preference would be 15-20lbs mono for main and 20lbs leader. I hear that some folks use 30lbs braid for main. Any pros & cons for that?

3. Rockfish & Lings. My guess is this could be as good for braid or mono for the main line, as your rig is below the main on a snap swivel.

Your feedback is appreciated!

Tight lines!

05-06-2013, 06:38 AM
My only rig with braid is for rock/lingcod. Comes in handy when youre jigging 180 ft down. Other than that the
Rest are mono.

05-06-2013, 03:33 PM
Like you said, it's about application. So, IMHO, braid serves some situations far better than mono and in others, mono is the way to go. If you want a fish to be stuck quick and not be able to dive into a rocky hole, then, you don't want the stretch of mono. Braid and the rock fish species is like beer and chips. Salmon and bouncing balls and soft mouths, braid is a hair cut with a chainsaw; it won't be long before bad things happen.

05-07-2013, 09:42 PM
I use 4 rods all w 65lb braid, stacked on 2 downriggers for salmon. had a few tangles with the stacking, but nothing too bad, I wouldn't say it was any worse than tangle of mono (still have 2 rods w mono that I rarely use). I also use the braid for halibut trolling in the bay, and shark fishing. I wouldn't have it any other way, I love the braid. but, I have to admit, I mono-back my reels w about 100yds mono (60-80lb), then 300yds braid(65lb), then about a 25yd mono leader (40lb). not sure why, but I like it. just make sure you can tie a nice Albright knot, and test that knot good...

05-08-2013, 04:05 PM
25 yds mono leaders, wow....it's practically fishing with mono....Do you clip on your leader with a downrigger or braid?

BTW, What is typical lifespan of braid with your experienece. I know it depends on condition, abrasion, use, care, etc.

Also you can flip it to backing...Someone mentioned that gives you an extra year...So does it sound like braid is good for about 2 years with noramal wear & use?

05-08-2013, 07:15 PM
300 yards of braid is a TON of braid!

05-14-2013, 09:16 AM
I have all my salt reels backed with 300 yrds 65lb braid (the 3/0-4/0 size)with about 50 yrds. various wts. of Mono on top. So far the braid is holding up well after two years. I just have to change out the small amount of Mono as needed. I don't like using straight braid rock fishing with a jig. If you work the jig too fast the hook tangles in the braid really easy. Top shot mono/braid lets you fish smaller reels and still have line capacity. I use a Penn 12 Squall for rock fishing. Jigging a full day with that small and light reel is really nice. And I can fish up to the legal depth with plenty of line including losing some to rock snags,,,gregg