View Full Version : Late 6/3 Hali report

06-05-2006, 02:57 PM
Had a great day out on the bay with ReelHabit, Slow Nova and StinkBaitRog. Got to Berkeley to pick up live bait (pinners) around 6:30. We headed to the Berkeley flats first. We get our lines in the water and withing two minutes Slow Nova is shouting FISH ON!!! Dang, that was quick. He pulled in a nice flattie 17 pounds. A little while longer and it's ReelHabit's turn....Fish ON!!!!! He caught a nice 19 pounder. A little while longer Fish On!!!!!! It was my turn, a nice 17 pounder. Then before I can get my butt to the net, Slow Nova is Fish On again. this time a nice 24 pounder and 40 inches long. StinkBait Rog had two good hokups unfortunately he SDR'd both of them....next time Rog. All four fish in the first hour and a half. After that nothing. There were tons of boats out there. We eventually tried the barges, south side of the pier and finished the day at the Rock Wall. The only other fish we caught there were ping pong paddles.

It was a warm sunny day all day long. We fished in 18 feet of water most of the time on the North side of the pier. Heard there was a hot bite at Oyster Point but we figured we stay around the pier when about 30 boats took off that way. Did hear that they wre getting butts and stripers over there for the lucky ones. Great company, good times and big butts. "I llike big butts and I cannot lie....." Life is good!

06-05-2006, 03:20 PM
Thanks for the report. Better late then never.