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05-18-2006, 02:28 PM
Plan on using live SHiners if they cooperate Tommorrow
Plan is to catch them first at the low tide1-1.5 hours Max
IF that is unsuccessful I'll Rig up a old style mooching rig with a slider in the front and a small 4-6 treble(trap hook) in the rear.
Hooking the anchovie through the head from the bottom up.
Next place the treble 1 hook only into the tail area.
Tension the leader to give a sight bend in Chovie.
Next place this rig 3-5 foot on a 3 way dropper
hitting the bottom all the time as your drifting or trolling.
I prefer drifting to trolling --Less noise,Fumes Ets and A few gulps of beer also ads to the mood.
Then just be ready for that strike--Bow to the halibut then Whack em

Another setup would be to replace the chovie witha small spoon or Minnow imitation such as a rebel or plastic swimmeee bait.
and add a 1-4oz jig to the bottom of the 3 way as an added attrackter.
The Striper post has some good info and should also work on the Butts.

My overall choice is still a good lively shiner perch hooked through the lips or across through the nostrils.again I use the 1/0 hook either a live bait hook or a octopus for the front and a 4-6 treble in the tail of the shiner.
Those halibut are Gulpers and they suck that shiner down quick.
Trap hook gets usually unless my 15-20lb leader frays from their teeth.
I usually tie up a half dozen or so rigs and put 2 to a baggie and wire tie them with those trash wires that come in trash bags or find in produce sections in markets.
Weigth varys with depth wind tide etc 2-16 0z i carry an assortment
One other thing Angle of the line 40 -60 degrees. More than that and the bait is just dragging along the bottom instead of just slightly above.
10 to 20 degrees angle means more line out ,less control, less sensitivity, and more chance of snagging up.
Check your bait on every drift for bite marks.
I ahve also caught 2 two 3 halibut on the same dead bait--Good Scnt ??? WHo knows but I try to save that bait if it is still on the hooks and give it a few more goes thru the "hole".
Hope this helps
Now---- Go Whack em

05-18-2006, 06:14 PM
Thanks for that good info. Are you using a 2x 4-6 stinger or standard? I was tying that rig with two live bait hooks instead of a stinger treble.


05-19-2006, 12:50 PM
Where's the best place to find shiners? ANd do you use the sabiki rigs or throw nets? Ive caught them off doran before, and inside the bay on shrimp, but its never consistant... Any info would help thanks!!

05-22-2006, 12:57 PM
First -I use standard 4-6 Trebles red or laquered bronze because I only use them one trip then discard them and retie my rigs. I tie up 4-6 rigs and put them in my pocket or tackle bag inside a baggie wire tied together . The front hook I use is usually a bulk Eagle claw, Gammy, or any name brand ones I get a deal on.
Fish don't seem to complain much once they are in the cooler.
For shiners- Go off the main channel west side and fish right along the eel grass. Have it so your boat is almost straddling the drop off. Make up some chum or use cat food to draw them in.
Also If you fish for Salmon -The Krill and Other goodies out of the Salmons bellies makes Excellent chum. Bag it up --refer/freeze --it and use it to catch your shiners next time you go out. ;) :o :-/
Just keep it in a seperate fridge or be prepared to sleep with your dog if the lady of the house finds it next to her bottle of chardonnay or sparkling wine. >:(Why waste money when you already have the goods. :P
go whack em

05-22-2006, 01:06 PM
One other--I use small egg hooks 10-12 and a split shot 12-16" above the bait . I LIKE TO USE A SMALL STICK BOBBER-LESS RESISTANCE TO A FINICKY SHINERS BITE. I prefer prawn meat. Shiners love it
I stay away from sabaki rigs since they tend to tangle and just confuse the issue especially when the younger ones are on board/old farts to.
Keep it simple-speed is not an isuue or at least shouldn't be -plan well and you'll have fun catching the little ****s.
I also have a cast net and have used it also.
They work good --if you can use one--Again plan -and -practice on a basketball, football, dog ,cat or pesky neighbor kids-The later ones usually leave or run.

05-23-2006, 03:18 PM
Just read your note. Thanks for the tip. Cant wait to get out there and try. :)

05-24-2006, 09:29 AM
Well-- I hope it helps