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05-04-2006, 02:26 AM
Thought Iíd pass this along. If anyone is interested in helping out with the tagging program contact Kristen Green. There is no charge to fish and a couple of the dates are even before the season starts. Canít beat it.

Attention anglers!

Most of you fished with us last summer at Duxbury Reef. We have the dates
scheduled for this summer and fall. We will be fishing a couple days each
month, so there are a lot of chances to get out there and join us. The
dates are as follows:

June 12, 13
July 10,11
Aug 6, 7
Sept 6,7

We have about 20 spots each day. We will only be fishing one boat a day
this year, other than that...same drill! We have 2000 tags to put out and
we need your help catching fish!

We will be leaving from the Clipper Yacht Harbor in Sausalito at 6 AM and
returning around 3 PM.

Please let me know your availability and I'll schedule you in!

You can also reach me at 831-771-4479. I'm in the office Wednesday-Friday,
unless we're in the field.

Thanks in advance for your help. We're looking forward to another great
summer out there!

Kristen Green
Graduate Student
Ichthyology Lab
Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
8272 Moss Landing Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039-9647
phone: (831)771-4479
email: kgreen@mlml.calstate.edu