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06-26-2013, 11:22 AM
Hi Guys,

Lately I have been posting a good amount of questions that have started some pretty good discussion/debate. So, to keep the excitement going, I have a new topic I would like to talk about today. If you read the topic of this thread I am sure you have some sort of an understanding of what I am going to ask. For those of you who don't I will briefly explain what I am asking. I am simply asking if the sun and moon alignment really makes a difference in the fishes feeding pattern/mood? I have always gone by this and I always try to hit the lake/pond at the peak feeding hours. However, I have met plenty of fisherman who don't believe in this theory. They just believe with the right bait, right time of day and the right presentation you can get any fish to bite at any hour.

To explain more of what it is, So-Lunar theory is that when the moon is directly overhead, and directly underneath you (other side of the world), there will be a peak feeding time. Don't get me wrong I will still go to a pond and fish all day even if the Lunar Calendar predicts the day to be a 10% efficiency. I would just like to get some other fishermen's opinions on this topic. Thanks in advance and tight lines!!