View Full Version : Etiquette and Ethics

07-04-2013, 03:49 PM
I've noticed a disturbing trend recently, the disrespect of fish, I'm not accusing anyone here of course.

I think it's simply lack of information to new anglers. For example, right before I left Texas to come here I saw a man, at my home lake there, catch a beautiful forty odd pound mirror carp. He took his fillet knife and stabbed it through the skull and left it out on the bank muttering something about it interrupting his catfishing. I nearly assaulted him with my dog beater (A four foot piece of re-bar with a duct tape handle (there is a lot of feral dogs in my neighborhood it helps keep them off. I don't like doing it.))
I understand that its irritating to catch a carp when your going after trout, or to hook a dink when you see the trophy bass your trying to catch and you just know its a bass in the teens. But for those of us who were raised on the water and in nature I hope that we, at least, see, that fish, no matter its size, species, and origin, just gave you "the tug that is the drug" so maybe with that experience we can repair some of this damage and educate novice and occasional anglers who don't have the same respect for fish as we do. After all the fish don't deserve it and it's fisherman who do this that give us a bad name, with animal rights organizations. If we police this section of our population, we should be able to reduce this pressure on us.
Just a rant.