View Full Version : South Oregon Coast advice?

07-13-2013, 12:16 AM
So to keep it short, I'm heading up to Port Orford, Oregon next week and wanted to dabble in ocean fishing on top of the usual trout stuff I do. This applies to south oregon and northern california advice I guess. Basically the town has a massive beach, a commercial fishing complex/pier with a jetty and numerous rock walls. My guess for these is Surf Perch, rockfish, greenling and lingcod, right?

I have everything from ultralight trout rods to bring up to my 8 foot baitfishing rods.

I'll probably just bring a striper swimbait rod for surf fishing the perch, and then the 8 foot bait thrower for bait fishing the bottom fish. Gulp Sand Worms on a sliding rig for perch followed by frozen squid on a 5/0 Hook to a high low rig for the bottomfish? I may also pick up some swimbait before leaving, as I see lots of people do well for rockfish with them on youtube videos. Not swimbaits, but those big grubs on swimbait heads.

Last summer I caught a shrimp. That was it. Please help!

07-13-2013, 07:38 AM
The only advice I can offer is bring a wind proof jacket :)I was up in the area last weekend and the wind was blowin all day.I wasn't on a fishing trip so cant offer any tips but hope to see some pics when you return!Have fun