View Full Version : salmon and rockies big sur 7/12

07-13-2013, 11:02 AM
Met my friend Mark at 4 am at his home in sunnyvale and off we went.He had fished on the new sea angler on wed and limited on big salmon and rockies but the weather was predicting bad seas so we chosed to go to monterey where he heard that they limited out in front of pt pinos the day before.Got launched and fishing the pt by 6:30, trolled for two hrs and didn't see one net fly.Decided to take a trip down 3/4 the way to sur to do some rock fishing ,wise choice because we got limits of big blues and a couple lings for three of us.Got a friendly visit by our local dfg in their zodiac, good to see them doing their job.Pulled the plug at 1 pm for the ride back to monterey ,stopped at pt pinos to see about 6 boats and the party boat Kahuna still at it so either everyone limited or the fishing never went off.Got back to the dock and talked to a couple guys that said the bite came on at 10:30 but guys were averaging about a fish a rod.Nice day on the water.Efren