View Full Version : Ziptailz...Hot New Product from ICAST 2013

11-04-2013, 11:16 AM
My name is Wayne Rossi and i'm very pleased to introduce Ziptailz, The World's First Treble Hook Skirt! Introduced in July at ICAST, Ziptailz has been extremely well received by the fishing industry and has since been written up in 4 trade publications as a "Best of ICAST Pick" For the first time ever, you can now add or change out a silicone skirt to any of your treble hook lures in a matter of seconds. This skirt works on both fresh and saltwater lures, and fits a hook as small as a size 10 and larger than a 10/0. One size truly fits all. Ziptailz comes in a 2" regular size and a 1"mini. Please check us out at www.ziptailz.com (http://www.ziptailz.com). I welcome any and all questions about these skirts. These will be a great tool for your tackle box! "When the fishing gets tough...the tough use Ziptailz"