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11-12-2013, 01:44 PM
Hey all. First time I get to post in awhile! Feels good!

I hit Collins lake Saturday with my girlfriend, my mom, and her husband. Decided for a late start to the day rather than an early morning deal and got the the lake around 1 and stayed till dark. First fish smashed some pink gulp eggs about 5 minutes into the first cast and Alie my girlfriend lands a nice 14 inch rainbow. No time for pictures, we need more fish! Onto the stringer it goes with an excited smile from our first fish in months! I always love quick hits early on as they get everyone excited and since we are still getting Alie into fishing thats a great thing!

Quiet for awhile so I decide to start slinging some lures. First cast with a small swim bait has 3-4 trout, one at least 2-3 lb range, following right up to shore! Now were talkin! Lots of followers on everything cast but no takers for the next hour or two.

Around 3 Alie and my mom are mid convo when Alie's rod goes off again, this time on a chartruse pinched gulp crawler. Another beautiful rainbow around 14 inches onto her stringer!

We all miss a few hits here and there, and see plenty surfacing. As the shadows cover us we get another good hookup, this time on a live crawler, and my mom starts bringing in another nice fish in the same size range as the other two. She gets him close to shore but is too gentle with it and gives it a little slack and off he swims. Thats what happens with dull hooks. OOPS! gotta remember to check the hooks in my box before next time! Darn! Sorry mom!

All in all, we had a great day enjoying the nice weather and being out at the lake for a few hours. No skunk and Alie gets the trophy this time for sure! Sorry, no pics, but it was a great day out at the lake!

11-12-2013, 07:12 PM
try using some scent on your lures when they chase them like that.....NICE REPORT....thanks for sharing