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08-26-2005, 06:37 PM
Hey all,

I'm fairly new to the board.
I'm doing some skiffin' tomorrow out of Santa Cruz and I'm hoping for a halibut. It's been a few years since my last halibut from a skiff.
I usually use the sliding set up with a trap rig with whole squid. But have not been successful for halibut in the last 5 or more skiff trips. I've been trying some swimbaits, but still no takers.

Any thing I can do different to get the fish to bite my whole squid or swimbait.

Thanks in advance...

08-26-2005, 09:05 PM
Can't tell you about Halibut, but for blue rockfish...

go north from pier up to the state park/water towers and about out 1/2 mile or so
drift back towards SC and when you see a small cove with a white house with red tile roof, be ready with the shrimp flys about 20-30 feet down.

Sorry can't give you gps numbers or exact mileage or depths but I didn't have gps or fish finder. Look for white house with red tile roof, every time past it we hooked up.

08-26-2005, 10:44 PM
Thanks allfish, I'll check it out tomorrow.
I'll report back monday night...

08-26-2005, 11:17 PM
may be too late for tomorrow, but for halibut i like to use anchovies or herring. purchase - or better yet tie - a halibut rig by snelling an octopus hook on a line with a treble at the end so that the snelled hook can slide on the main line above the treble. hook the octopus through the headbone, the treble hook throug the tail. then sych the sliding octopus hook up so that the bait fish has a C shape to it. put some minimal weight on the barrel swivel. that C shaped bait fish should spin on a drift. makes the buts crazy. for an extra flare, i always put a green and white hoochie above the octopus hook. like earings on a hooker. good luck.

08-29-2005, 06:47 PM
Thanks for the tips folks.

Got out in the fog after waiting like 15 minutes for the other skiffs to launch. I noticed the water was a lil ruff at 6:30am, so I knew what it was gonna be like in the afternoon. No limits this time around. Only one ling in the boat that ate a 6 inch sandab. The only other fish were acouple of vermillions and few black and blues, some coppers and one gohpher. Nothing to really brag about. It was fun the water was rough, 12 oz barely held bottom. We gave up around 1:30pm. Most fish were caught on chrome bars or swimbaits. It seem like our leaders would get tangled up in the rough water, so we stuck to plastics. I'll try again in a few weeks.

08-29-2005, 08:50 PM
I was going to say halibut has been so spoty this year..
and as for the skiffs in the fog, I can't belive they
just cut guys loose and send them off to get lost....lol
next time you go north to the 2 towers and just on the
north side past the 4 red bouys there is a orange,red
bouy that is like a 4"x4' tall and says no tie up.
that is in 60' of water and all around that bouy there
is good fishing...and to the south just off the beach at
natual bridges is a large red bouy and drift past it from
200yds north to 300yds south....thats a good drift.
and just off lighthouse pt there is a yellow bouy 1/4-1/2mi
out and fish near it and drift to the south only 400yds and start again...these three are all line of sight and
would work for skiffs, I have the #s of more if you want
or have a gps and PM me and I will get them to you.... :D

08-29-2005, 10:51 PM
shhhhhhhhhhhh don't show these to anyone...ok * *
heres some #s for next time.......
these are common ones... :-X ;)
Moss Landing Canyon 36 48.15N/121 49.00W Northern side *
Capitola Kelp 36 57.85N/121 56.65W
Adams Reef : 36.56.06 / 121.57.50
Park Reef Kelp 36 56.75N/122 03.31W *
Soquel Pt Kelp 36 57.00N/121 58.25W *
Santa Cruz Reef 36 56.68N/122 01.31W *
Three Trees 36 54.51N/122 02.52W *
Table Rock 36 57.85/122 08.05 *
Sand Hill Bluff 36 58.90/122 10.10 *
Davenport Landing 37 00.31/122 12.37 *
dog bone or pink house
north side..............south side *
36 56.09/122.02.52 to 36.56.07/122.02.34
mile bouy reef 36.56.23/122.02.59
One Mile Buoy : 36.56.22 / 122.01.00
Yellow Buoy sc : 36.56.22 / 122.02.00 *
natual bridges bouy 36.56.36/122.03.41
no tie bouy 36,56.38/122.04.47
lighthouse reef 36,56.31/122.01.34
South Rock : 36.55.28 / 122.01.46 *

if you have a gps your in...
if not, buy one or barrow one...
if these #s don't get you fish
somethings wrong.....lol *;D
sorry there late for your trip, next time

08-30-2005, 12:37 AM
It's all good, BlueCrush. I really appreciate the tips. We did have a handheld GPS with us that day, but none of us knew how to use it...hahaha...
The two towers you mentioned, is right after the hole in the rock(natural bridges?)? If that is the case, that area is my favorite spot for skiffin. Usually deep in about 100-120ft. straight out from the towers will produce lings 4 out of 5 trips. And closer in for blues/blasck and a few good sized vermillions. But when it's foggy, it's kinda hard. Since they don't offer fish finders anymore, I'm alil hesitant to fish too deep, so we pretty much try to stay within 60-80ft of water.
I do alot of skiffin' during the rockfish season, after the season closes it's pretty much dead for skiffin. At least for me that is, some people just know where the fish are and/or are plain lucky or have the touch that I lack.

thanks again for the tips fellas, hopefully I can return some one day.

08-30-2005, 07:22 PM
thats the area....
out past 100' and it turns to mud and sand...
but yeah it still holds some nice fish...
and the rock cod season is going thur nov...
and there was talk of an extention thru dec.....
that would be nice, but we will have to see...
PM me any time you comming this way and I will try
to get you a good update on where to go....