View Full Version : Moss Landing waves too big for skiff?

08-27-2005, 04:08 PM
Does Moss Landing really have waves too big for my 14'3"
Boston Whaler with 15 horse Yamaha? *I want to go fishing in the ocean more often and I have tried San Carlos beach in Monterey. *I know it depends on me also. A few people have told me that big waves and big boats come in at Moss Landing and so it is not that good for small skiffs. But
maps always point out that skiff fishing is good in that area so I may just have to go try for myself.

08-27-2005, 09:43 PM
No, I think you'd be okay, but you have to watch the waves and pick your days.

My father and I used to fish out of Moss and Monterey out of a 12ft Valco aluminum, but we were very careful to make sure that the waves weren't too big.

With Moss, also watch the fog. Almost once a year, a boat will miss the jaws and end up either beached on the left side or right side of the rock jetties.

The Monterey Canyon is right there - a couple of hundred yards off the jetties and salmon come in real close, as do halibut and stripers.

When the halibut are in, you can drift the area right under highway 1 and catch halibut. Its a great place. I've never done it, but guys go back into Elkhorn and catch rays and sharks.

Again, you just always have to be careful - in any part of the ocean.

08-27-2005, 10:03 PM
Thanks Put Em Back.

I am stoked with your answer. Moss Landing has a certain rural charm.
Fifteen years ago I used to go for live music a lot at the Moss Landing Inn.
I felt at home with people there. I just bought a Garmin GPS for the fog.
I will cross my fingers too. I go to the O’neill Forebay and San Luis Reservoir a lot
now for stipers and these impounds frequently have wind waves that are much rougher than
Monterey area waters. Of course there is no swell.
I stay dry in Monterey waters and get splashed hard on these lakes. Go figure.
Thanks again.