View Full Version : Bodega 11/24-25 Report

11-26-2013, 07:41 AM
I was able to get two different crews last Sunday and Monday for some crabbing and Rockies.

Sunday was with Mark, Troy and Eli. Dropped the pots and fished for three hours.
Ling limits with a mess of Rockies. Back at the pots with a disappointing 10 keepers.

The crew split the day’s catch.



Monday was with Bill, Dennis and David. Same schedule but decided to drop the pots at a different location then we fished for four hours. Lings were off the hook! Got our limits of them early then targeted rock fished but Lings keep hitting and we ended up tossing back 5 large keeper size, keep 30 larger Rockies.
Back at the pots with only 17 keepers.

The crew split the day’s catch with me keeping two Lings for fish Tacos.



11-26-2013, 10:04 AM
Nice getting into the Lings, and rockies again, but to bad on the low count on the crab

dennis l
11-26-2013, 10:46 AM
What a day nice meeting up with the crew and meeting a new member Dave. The water was almost lake like, nice and calm. Boy did we ever get into the Lings, Dave caught his first ever and then beat it with a personal best. I caught my personal best Ling ever about the same time Seon caught the first one. Bill caught the biggest one 15 to 20lbs, Dave's second one was almost as big. For sure Seon got us on the spot, you know you have had an awesome day when you release Lings 5 to 10lbs, I lost count on the releases @8 seems like every other fish was a good quality Ling. Most were up-chucking squid and bellies looked full, but they were still attacking. We got some good quality Rockies and we almost went home with limits. Thanks Seon for an unforgetable day, one that be a treasured memory. I'm ready for some more fun. :party-smiley-048:

Dennis L