View Full Version : Bodega Rockies & Salmon

07-22-2005, 11:48 PM
Left the east side ramp and ran straight out at 30 mph to the 50 fathom line along with everybody else to find a should of been here yesterday type of day. We couldn't get them today and after 10:30 am called it quits with one small keeper on straight bait 60" OTW. It looked awful nice with the sun coming out towards the north, so we ran up the coast about 30 miles for a day of playing with the bottom dwellers. C&R. Called it quits with two limits of Rock fish at 4 pm. Mixed grade all sorts, mostly vermillion and yellows, and olives. Two nice lings and two keeper lings. Flat and blue and 59 deg warm water all day, ran back at 35 mph. Tee shirt weather. Just beautiful :)