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01-16-2014, 06:05 PM
Thumbs up for North River Boats and Clemens Marine
I need to forward my highest recommendation for quality and service provided by Clemens Marine and North River Boats. I had a 23' North River Seahawk built to my specifications at North River Boats in Roseburg, OR. My first contact began with Jesse Price at Clemens Marine in Portland, OR. Jesse impressed me from the start with his deep knowledge of boats and rigging. He listened carefully to my goals and in short order made it a reality with the precision I demanded. Jesse's attention to detail is nothing short of perfection. He installed a Tr1 gold, GHP 20 smart pump autopilot, HDS 12, HDS 9, flush mount HDS 5, VHF, Lowrance 4G Radar with overlay, Yamaha F-250, Yamaha 9.9, 2 Cannon mag 10 electric downriggers, and insured flawless cross talk between all HDS, autopilot, engine and radar systems. Everything communicates perfectly and the autopilots interact with the HDS units for route gps navigation. The electrical work is a thing of beauty. Everything he installed on this boat was installed clean, square and perfect. His work would make an OCD Swiss watch maker cry with joy! Jesse returned all my calls and emails promptly. I can't recommend Jesse enough! Thank you Jesse.
I drove to Portland from my home at Lake Tahoe to take delivery of my new Seahawk and planned to trailer it back a day later. Unfortunately, we had an issue with the center door not fitting flush and creating a whistle at higher speeds. Jesse assured me it would be taken care of and told me to go ahead and trailer home. I work overseas a lot and don't have much free time, so this was my best option. I have to extend my sincere gratitude to Brent Hutchings, North River CEO who contacted me assuring the boat would be repaired to my satisfaction and convenience. Jay Conn, North River General Manager handled all the logistics and communication to get my boat repaired at Lake Tahoe rather than trailer all the back to Oregon. A couple of other minor issues that come with a newly built boat were handled all at the same time with no questions asked. The boat is absolutely an incredible machine and I couldn't be happier with North River. Brent Hutchings and Jay Conn have the company under control and heading in the absolute correct direction. The quality and customer care are the best I've experienced anywhere! If you have any questions, feel free to pm me. I feel it's important to reward excellence.... Congratulations Clemens and North River for displaying excellence!
Joe Greer

01-16-2014, 11:10 PM
congrats on the new boat :) ... lets see some pics cant wait!!