View Full Version : Shaver Lake 01.20.14

01-20-2014, 09:48 PM
hey guys. Since today was a holiday and all, we decided to head up to Shaver Lake to do some winter fishing. Well not really winter since it was mid 60 and I was wearing a t-shirt. Crazy!! Anyways, fished from 1 til 4. Caught 5 and missed a few.

We were in search of the trophy trout that they planted last week but didn't find it. Oh well.

Water level wasn't too bad compare to some of the other lakes around the valley. It looked the same as before. Huntington lake has been dumping water into Shaver. I read the other report about Huntington saying it was low level. We need rain badly!!

We used all kind of pb and green was the ticket. It wasn't a hot bite at all. 2 were caught on kastmaster. It was a nice day out.

Meet our new fishing partner. Name is Rocky and he is a 11 week australian cattledog.