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01-27-2014, 11:27 AM
Hello guys. First trip of the year at Bon Tempe. We haven't fished it for awhile. Anyways called the hotline and they planted 500 lbs last week with ONE 3 pounder. When I heard that they only planted one 3 pounder, I started laughing. They should have put in one 10 pounder instead. haha.

Anyways arrived at the lake late (at 1 pm) as usual so finding a spot was hit and miss. It was quite warm so I'm sure a lot of people were out. And sure enough there were a lot of people fishing.

Didn't get our spot so we continue hiking until we saw a spot. Brought the new fishing partner, Mr. Rocky. What a chick magnet he is getting all the attention from hiker and fisherman.

We asked a few people fishing along the hike and they weren't having much luck. So it didn't look good. We setup the usual.

First 15 minutes, we got a bite however missed. It was like that all day. It was a soft hit and no hookup. Counted at least 10-12 times that happen.

Torward the end of the day, had a double at the same time. Made it exciting. Landed those and kept. Caught on the orange nymph and the other rod had brown worm with 2 red power egg.

Rainbow and green got hit today but missed.

It was a really nice day. Need the rain to come. Until next time.


01-27-2014, 02:19 PM
by the way, forgot to add before heading to lunch...be careful of ticks!! I was sitting down and looked down and saw a freaken tick crawling on my chest. Good thing I wore white so I can see it. Nasty bugger. Had to double check the puppy when we got home and lucky no tick found.

With the warm weather, they think its in season or something. haha. Usually they are hibernating due to cold but that isn't happening this winter.

01-27-2014, 02:55 PM
Great report, glad you got on to some fish. Always makes the day better, Bon Tempe is always so peaceful, haven't fished it yet but I am going to carry fishing gear in my truck so when I get some unexpected time I will sneak off as I work San Anselmo quite often. Having a chick magnet is a plus too, keeps things going between bites, thanks for sharing.