View Full Version : Camanche 2/5/14

02-05-2014, 08:58 PM
Finally got up there after a trip that fell through last week. Got a little late start, but not too bad. Got onto the water about 8am. Cold, about 42 degrees out. The trip started with my fish finder going out, and never working for the whole trip. So I was fishing blind for the whole day.

Made it back to the narrows to start the day and started a troll all the way to the bridge. Used grubs based on Robbies (KokeMachine) setup. Had 2 pull downs, no fish. Turned around just past the bridge. About halfway back through the narrows, hooked into my first fish. A 16" Rainbow @ about 10:45am. Had to keep it due to a mess in the boat and what I would like to call a "yard sale" just getting the fish into the boat. I was by myself today and it was a bit of a challenge. Lets just say the fish cost me my PB&J sandwich, a beer, and stained pants hahaha.

Fished the narrows until 1:15 with no other action. Good amount of boats out, but only saw 1 other fish caught. Talked to 3 other boats as they got out at the ramp, and there was a total of 3 fish caught between all of them. Anyways...

Left the narrows for Hat Island. There was not a ripple on the water. Absolutely perfect. Fish jumping pretty frequently. Started letting line out and put the first pole in the holder. Just as I finished getting the second rod out the first one slams down. Got that one in for a 15" fat rainbow. Just as I set the net down, the second rod slams down. Got him in for another fat 16" rainbow. Both fish swallowed the hooks, and I had to reset both poles. Finally got the poles reset and fished around the island for about another hour and a half for nothing.

Left the lake around 3PM. Started getting flat light and could see the clouds (hopefully rain) coming in. Worked hard for the 3 fish, and it was a tough day on my little boat. First day with the electric trolling motor, and no finder. Oh well! Had a blast!! Sorry for no pictures. Didn't really think of it until after. Cheers!! Pray for rain!

02-06-2014, 08:47 AM
Three is a good day there according to me! Glad you got out. I think koke machine caries a special trout magnet with him!
The weather could also be a factor in affecting the bite with the storm a coming?