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02-14-2014, 03:51 PM
Got a call late last night from the grandson, he wanted to go fishing today, he didn't care where. Knowing that Amador was muddy and has a lot of debis, we checked them off. Pardee would probably be a zoo, so we decided on Melones. We got a late start and didn't arrive until around 9 am. Nice day, a little overcast and a little sun with a slight breeze now and then. Fishing was pretty slow and catching was even slower! Left at 12:30 with 4, 3 for the g-son and one for Gampaw. Saw one other person with 4 when we left, not a lot of fish brought in today. We fished the cove area to the right of the ramp at T-town. Once again, no one bait was the go to, 1 fish on peach PB, one on spring green, and 2 on chartreuse. Had a few hits on a crawler under a bobber, but no sticks. All in all, a GREAT day with the grandson and some more memories for both of us!!!!!!

02-14-2014, 04:55 PM
Great work grandpa

02-14-2014, 06:03 PM
Thanks for the report. I am thinking of Sunday there. I won't know for certain until Sat. If any Modesto area peeps want to ride up with me or further away peeps want to meet there we could do that. I just can't commit yet.

Good job on reporting. Thanks,

02-15-2014, 07:50 AM
RNF- saw one guy that worked most of the shoreline from the first boat ramp area, (the one that's not in use) all the way past the ramp that's in operation. Said he was using several lures and hadn't had a bite! The grandson worked the area from the boat ramp all around the cove with a KM and didn't get a bite. Of course, neither one of them are "hard-core":wink: like you! We did see some BIG fish cruising near the shoreline, but they weren't interested in any offerings. Funny thing, we decided to open the stomachs of the ones we caught and all they had in them was the PB from our hooks, except for one that also had some rocks? Not sure what that was about? Well, good luck if you go, suppose to get another fast moving storm through the area Saturday night.