View Full Version : Camanche 2/23

02-24-2014, 10:55 AM
Fished Camanche with buddies Bruce and Al of Foresthill in Bruce's 21' North River. Launched about 8 am at North Shore -- no problem launching and the water was pretty clear. We headed to the narrows and ran into a bunch of boats trolling both sides. We had never fished this area before. Tried about everything in the tackle box, including grubs per Koke Machines instructions. Pretty soon, all the boats cleared out, telling me no one else caught much there either! Bruce finally caught one 12 inch rainbow on a white grub.
We moved down to the dam/hat island area, and found all the boats again. We saw a few nets flash and a couple fish caught. Finally about 2:30 we caught another rainbow, about 15 inches and very fat. He came on a spinner hootchie. Then my rod went off, and I was into a good fish. Ended up being a fat 5 1/2 pound rainbow! We ended the day with 5 fish -- 3 on white grubs, one on spinner hootchie, and one on a dodger/worm. The main lake was very cloudy with what looked like pollen! Early season, no rain ..... but Beautiful day on the water!