View Full Version : How do you make your striper fish tacos?

05-25-2007, 08:12 PM
I been reading a lot about striper tacos. How do you make yours? Please list all your ingredients and special spices. Please suggest the best wraps or shells and everything. Please be specific with details. I wanna try it soon and I don't' want to miss a step or ingredient. Thanks if you can help.

05-27-2007, 05:34 PM
First you have to start out with a batter. I get regular Bisquick and make it to where it's a little thicker than they recommend for pancakes. Add garlic salt and pepper to taste. Remember you don't have to put too much salt in the batter because of the fixin's you're going to put on later. Once your batter is mixed put your sliced filets in and mix until all pieces are coated.

In a stock pot put in about 3" of Peanut oil. Use peanut oil as it burns at a higher temp than regular vegatable oil. Do not use olive oil, it will burn and smoke really bad when you're frying. Heat your oil to 350 degrees.

Once your oil is hot, carefully place, not drop your battered fish in. Turn it over when it's golden brown on the bottom side. When both sides are brown remove and place on a paper towel covered wire rack to drain off some of the oil.

I like corn tortillas for my tacos. Next is to make some sauce. I learned this when I went to Mexico. Take some regular mayonaise, place it in a bowl and add some water. Yes, I said water. Start out with about 2 table spoons. mix it well until it incorporates. You want it to be the consistency of yellow mustard, not to runney. Add some salt and pepper the the mix. Again add to taste. You won't need much.

Finally get a head of cabbage and cut it into quarters. Cut out the core then thinly slice the cabbage.

You're finally ready to eat. Place a hunk of fish in a warmed tortilla, add cabbage, mayo sauce and some hot sauce or salsa, bottled will work.

Good eatin!

05-28-2007, 09:44 PM
I make my fish tacos with halibut, but striper could be done the same way. I don't batter the fish, rather I just broil it or grill it. I cut the fillets into "fingers" and coat them with "special sauce", which is a mixture of Maries caesar dressing with a paste made from canned chipotle peppers and garlic. The paste is added until I like the way it tastes.

I use flour torlillas, that I toast until they start getting puffy. Put on a dollop of special sauce, a few fish strips, some shredded cheese, shredded cabbage, salsa and guacomole. Roll 'em up, and they are tasty!

06-02-2007, 11:19 AM
I been reading a lot about striper tacos. *How do you make yours? *Thanks if you can help.

I posted a recipe about a year ago...do a search in this forum for this heading: "Awesome sauce for fish tacos"

Look for my post and you'll find a really good recipe.

06-23-2007, 04:05 PM
I make em with either halibut or striper. I dip the fillets in milk then very lightly bread em with a mix of mostly cornmeal with a little bit of flour, some garlic powder and salk and pepper. fry the fillets in oil, then break em up really good then break out the corn tortillas, some lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, etc. Very yummy.