View Full Version : Hi/Lo Rig: Dropper or Dual Surgeons Knot?

07-13-2014, 12:21 PM
I've seen and have known to use dropper loops for hi/lo rigs but why not dual surgeons knots?

Are they not as weight resistant?



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07-13-2014, 05:39 PM
Ummm.. which one bro, double surgeon knot or loop?
You making rockfish gangions?

21846 21847 21848 21849

Also really depends on if mono or braid as well....

Dropper loops are imho a bit stronger than a double surgeons loops for gangions and
dropper type fishing. Ive had bigger sized yellowtail pop double surgeons loops before, yet I've caught those same yellows using a dropper loop setup and the only break offs were rub offs. From what Ive experienced the double surgeons loop kind of rolls on itself and creates a kink which will eventually break off, you end up with a knot and the tag end broken off right at the knot = no fish. The dropper loop clenches on itself evenly like a blood knot and usually doesnt pop as much under stress. YMMV, I'm sure people have caught monsters using the DSL gangions but after it happens to me a couple times I start looking for a knot that works better than the other and the dropper loop has been a staple for me for years.

Hopefully thats what you were asking. good luck

07-13-2014, 05:49 PM
Exactly what I asked and thx for your feedback. I've only used dropper for my hi/lo or rock cod rigs with DSL at each end but they're a pain to make at times.

Gonna try them side by side to see which breaks first...and lose the big one on a DSL. Proceeding to kick my own butt!

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