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07-13-2014, 10:43 PM
I didn't want to put this in the header, but the real title of this piece is "Too Much of the Wrong Kind of Browns at Icehouse". You can guess the rest... but for the curious:

Last weekend I took Rosie up on a 3-day tour of Silver Lake, Silver Fork of the American, Wright's Lake, and Ice House. Fishing was unremarkable, mostly because I was trying to get some much-needed exercise for both of us, and didn't want Rose to have to sit around waiting for action because she gets more than enough of that where she lives.

The last stop of the trip was Ice House. We usually head for the inlet-end, on the dirt road. This time I was thankful for having 4-wheel drive and high clearance, because there are a few pretty bad mud-holes in it (dried now, but probably difficult for some cars). I expected it to be more crowded than it was; there were a fair number of people back there but it wasn't crowded - maybe a dozen parked vehicles. Normally when there aren't many people around, and no aggressive dogs, I let Rosie off the leash while I fish. She's pretty good about not bothering people, just chases squirrels and sniffs whatever is leaving knee-high scents on the bushes. She marks too, just like a male would but not so high. One aspect of that odd behavior is that when she encounters droppings from almost any animal, she squats and pees on it - I have no idea why she'd do that. The one exception, of course, is that from humans. I've tried everything I could think of to dissuade her from that, I'm a pretty good trainer but have never made any progress on this one. Anyway, to my point: the place is absolutely full of it. I really wanted to let Rosie off-leash, but couldn't just because of that. We hiked all over that back area to find an accessible place that wasn't so soiled, but it was everywhere.
Why, people? If you can't hold it until you get to a toilet, at least give it a decent burial! Really you should pack it out - most of you are only a minute or two from your car, you can be brave and carry it that far in a plastic bag - you do that for your dog on your walks in town, don't you?
It's not just the grossness of encountering soiled toilet paper and piles in the forest (and along trails, creeks, meadows), there's a very real public health issue here. If you can't hold it, pack it out! And if you're afraid to hold it, hold it!

:oldangryman:forest trees don't need no stinkin' fertilizer!

07-14-2014, 05:18 AM
I'm assuming that Rosie is a dog and not your wife.

Doesn't sound like a very pleasant place to fish.

07-14-2014, 06:41 AM
Totally agree. Same exact experience happened to my dog and I at highland lakes a few wks back. Why can't you just dig a big hole and bury it, especially when using mounds of tp?

07-17-2014, 09:07 AM
I'm assuming that Rosie is a dog and not your wife.
Right - she's the one looking at you over her shoulder up to the left of my posts here. When I had a wife, she may have chased a squirrel or two, but I never caught her sniffing the bushes :grin:

Doesn't sound like a very pleasant place to fish.
It actually is, except for that one factor... it's really nice in fall/winter/early spring, when not so many people are using it!