View Full Version : Toasted Cheesey Chicken Alfredo Sub

12-16-2006, 02:22 AM
You'll need:

Boneless chicken breast
Alfredo sauce ( aprox. 4 Tablespoons per sub)
Grated colby jack cheese (1/4-1/2 cup per sub)
Black pepper
Chopped garlic
minced bell pepper
Subway sandwich rolls

The result is a meal in itself! No side dish necessary!

I start with boneless chicken breast... Usually one big chicken breast makes two huge subs!!

Stab the chicken with a fork until its as tender and holy as it can get...

Season with black pepper, chopped garlic, and minced bell pepper.

Try to rub as much of the seasoning as possible into the holes in the chicken.

In a frying pan, Cook on low/medium heat. Use butter or margarine instead of oil... Allow to cook slowly so the chicken stays soft and moist.

Now in a small saucepan, lightly heat enough Alfredo sauce to cover the amount of chicken you've chosen to use... Keep in mind, the chicken will be cut up in the following steps...

When the chicken is completely done and there are no traces of pink at the thickest parts, cut the chicken breasts into chunks no larger than you desire for your sandwich. I like Larger chunks around 1/2" cubes. and leave on low heat, COVER until needed to retain heat!

Now, using your desired method of toasting... Broiler, griddle, toaster oven, etc, Toast the inside of your open sub sandwich rolls with butter or margarine until they are to your liking! Try not to split the roll into two pieces if possible! You'll need to eat it like a taco!!!

Now that the chicken is cooked and cut up... The sauce is hot and the bread is toasted...

Cover inside of the sub roll with a liberal amount of cheese... Followed by a MOUND of STEAMING HOT chicken meat and cover with alfredo sauce!

Now you have a sandwich that is sure to please!!!!!

Also try mixing it all together into a sticky mess before shovelling onto the sub roll!!! that works too!!! :) but its messy as can be that way!