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10-29-2006, 11:48 AM
I was a bit suspicious of this method, but after trying it, there is no going back.

Last year or so my dad (HSU Dad) talked to a guy at the sportsman expo in Sac from Wild Eats (http://www.wildeats.com/index.php) about the process of ‘Dry Aging’ waterfowl.

It is more time consuming but kinda simple too: When cleaning ducks you need to pluck the breast and then remove the breast with the bone and skin attached. The plucking job doesn’t need to be that great. A good pair of kitchen shears is very helpful when removing the breast bone from the ribs and clavicle.

Once you have the breast out of the duck put it on a cooling rack and place it in the fridge. The guy from wild eats recommended that for small ducks let the breasts age for 3 days, and up to 5-7 for mallards and geese. Here’s why:

With the skin attached to the meat, the blood is soaked up into the skin making the meat taste better as well as making it so tender you cat cut it with a butter knife. So after it has aged in the fridge you peel or slice the skin off the meat at what you will have is breast meat that looks more like steak than duck. This process extracts 10 -15 % of the moisture while breaking down the muscle's connective tissues, shortening the muscle fibers which produces a really tender piece of meat

At this point you can take the meat off the bone or you can leave it on depending on how you plan on cooking it.

We just ate the ducks we shot opening day last night and it was the BEST duck I have ever had, it was like eating Filet Minion

If you hunt ducks, you have to try this, you won’t eat duck any other way, I know I won’t!!

11-08-2006, 06:25 PM
I tried it, your correct, it is the best. :)