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10-12-2006, 09:00 AM
I'm not sure how to list this recipe, it's been floating around for a long time. It's originally from the early Swede & Norsk settlers in Northern Wisconsin & Minnesota.
Originally done with the Great Lakes Whitefish, it evolved into the summertime classic "Trout Boil" that's become standard Friday fare.
You can use Lake or Brown Trout, *Whitefish, Salmon, and I've even used large Northern Pike when I ran out of trout.
A 2-basket boiling kettle (the fish go in the top basket) makes cooking easier than the traditional cast iron cauldron.

Whitefish Boil

Serves 4-6.

16 chunks of Whitefish (2" slices)
16 small red potatoes (ends cut off)
16 small white onions (peeled)
1/2 lb. salt
2 gal. water
Add 1/4 lb of salt to water and bring to a boil.
Add potatoes and boil for 16 minutes.
Add onions and boil for 4 minutes more.
Add fish and another 1/4 lb salt, boil for 10 minutes and drain
into a colander.
Serve with melted butter, lemon, rye bread and coleslaw.

10-16-2006, 03:37 PM
Your making me hungry ;D ;D sounds great


10-17-2006, 06:25 AM
This one sounds real easy. I think I'll try this recipe with some of the Pyramid cuts I just brought home. ;)