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10-08-2006, 10:49 AM
We got started discussing the Lake Davis (CA) Norther Pike "problem" & the topic turned to recipes for the critters.
(recipe void where prohibited) ;)
I used to make 10 gallons a week for the local fish market - we used the Whitefish "Y-bone trimmings" from the filleting machine - the bones disappeared real fast.
Just about any fish with firm white flesh will do, though I tend to avoid oilier fish.
The recipe has been scaled down for a couple quarts of fish pieces.
The finished product will need to be refrigerated.
Fillet & skin the fish, then cut up into pieces.
Salt fish using 1/2 cup of pickling salt to 1 quart of fish.
Put into crock and cover with cider vinegar.
Let stand 5 - 7 days in cool place.
Drain & rinse with cold water.
Drain well.
Heat 3/4 cup sugar & 1 cup white vinegar & 1 cup of white wine. (Gallo Blanc or similar). Allow to cool after all sugar is dissolved.

Pack fish in jars [not real tight] with lots of sliced onions. Add 1 teaspoon of pickling spices per quart. Dried hot peppers or cloves may also be added if desired. Don't forget garlic if you like it.

Pour juice over fish.
Let stand a few days before eating to blend flavors.
Keep in refrigerator until eaten.

10-08-2006, 11:25 AM
I love pickled fish!

The only time I tried to make it, though.... ::)

When we lived in Troy, New York, up the Hudson River, there was a herring run in a nearby creek every year. (Now this was in the 70's, and nobody had ever thought of cleaning up anything in that river!) People would go snag the fish, and then, well, throw them back, or put them in the garden. But I hate killing fish and then not doing something worthwhile with them, so I decided to make pickled herring - good, right?

Well, the recipe was good, but we forgot that these fish had spent the last couple of weeks in the Hudson, and they hadn't stopped breathing all that time either... :P :( ;D