View Full Version : Need recipie for Linguini and clams

09-18-2006, 03:14 PM
Hi !

Anybody got a recipie for lingini and clams,red sauce. Mmmmmh, I am hungry! No I haven't caught any clams. ;D


09-19-2006, 02:07 PM
Well, I've never done a true Mamma-stirs-it-all-day type clams in red sauce, but here are my thoughts. ::)

First, of course, the clams need to be prepared - soaked in salty water till they clean themselves of grit, etc, and you can see who is still alive.

I prefer my shellfish cooked the absolute minimum. If you stew your clams in the sauce as it is cooking, they will get tough, then you have to cook them forever again to get somewhat tender. Also, one bad clam will kill the whole thing. :P

So, what I do is I steam the clams until they are just done, by themselves (or with flavorings - a bit of chopped celery, garlic, etc in the pot.) Then I check the broth - if it's good, it goes into the sauce and simmered a while to give the good clam flavor to the whole deal, and then I toss in the clams just before I serve it. (If it's bad, it goes down the sink, and I gotta dig the bad clam (s) out of the mix [smiley=hissyfit.gif] and retrieve what I can, if at all possible - prefer not to face that...)

I'd say, for ease and convenience, you could start with any favorite red sauce and doctor it up with the clams and juices. Ok, it's not traditional, I know, I know! ;) But hey! I'm Irish, OK? :D

Now, what I'd do for myself, is saute some chopped garlic and scallions in some olive oil, chop some fresh basil, and peel, seed and dice some fresh tomatoes (maybe some of those big fat heirloom tomatoes). Then I'd stir it all all into the clams and broth just until the sauce is hot through and ladle it over the linguini. I wouldn't have to ring the dinner bell twice... [smiley=tomato.gif]

09-19-2006, 09:14 PM
In order to weed out the bad clams I steam them in a single layer. The good clams will pop open on their own. If they don't open, I just toss them. The flavor is then retained in the clams or in their shells. However I found that using canned baby clams is much easier. And if you need a boost in flavor, use some oysters instead. You can get the shelled oysters in a jar in most supermarkets. Chop them up in tiny pieces and mix it in with the clams. You will be pleasantly surpriced by the rich flavor from the oysters.