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08-30-2014, 07:00 PM
Looking to see if anyone in the bay area has some hunting info/advice or is looking for someone to tag along for some deer. I'm mainly into bow hunting (as that's all I've used) but being new to the area and having a pregnant wife, its a little hard for me to wander about by myself scouting. I'd like to get at least some info on a place before I bring my car out too, as I probably have to drive 3+ hours to find anything. Based on where I live, and missing the drawing, I assume I'd be best off looking at a b zone hunt, at least based on my understanding. Thanks for any advice. Also,if you all have better site to ask advice I'd appreciate it. I'm having trouble really finding something for the area.

Reel Fun
08-30-2014, 07:21 PM
B zone is probably the best for you but with an "archery only" tag you can hunt several zones! You really need a tree stand with a bow. Its tough to walk up close enough to a deer to shoot it. A climbing tree stand like a Summit is really nice! Coastal deer are small but can be had. I like the Elk Creek west of Willows CA area up north I think its B3? Plenty of public land!! D3-5 is also good but a drive for you! Look into some hunting clubs! Some are not that much money and they offer good land! Good Luck!!

08-31-2014, 01:34 PM
Thanks for the response. I do have a climbing stand so I'm set there.