View Full Version : Looking for a VERY TASTY Trout recipie

01-07-2006, 04:18 PM
that i can do on the grill. mom has banned me from the stove and oven... does anyone know a good recipie that make it so that the trout has a sweet flavor? that or a smokie flavor (with out the smoker) i heard bacon works, but i dont know. thanks so much for all the help.

-Trout Terminator

01-08-2006, 02:53 AM
Check out the Original Baked Trout thread below to see my post about foil wrapping for the BBQ.

I think the natural flavor of trout is somewhat sweet but it could be enhanced using sweet onions. Maui onions are an investment, like a fine lure, but a very special treat ... so splurge!

Only thing I know about smoking is that Pall Malls are bad for you (COUGH!)and that grocery stores sell liquid smoke flavor in small bottles. Hopefully it doesn't smell anything like my ashtray.

One of my best BBQ results came from using a half slice of bacon on each side along with diced onions. The BBQ was very hot and with only one layer of foil and flipping three times I over heated and charred some of the onions. I think it made for a great accidental accent to the taste.

I use a small covered propane BBQ but don't see why you can't cook in foil over an open coals or even on a campfire. When BBQing on my boat I discovered the goodness of foil cooking. It also works great for corn on the cob and foil "fried" potatoes. Clean-up is pan free and EASY!

01-08-2006, 11:13 PM
Well T_T I dont know if I can give you a smoke flavor but I can give you a good flavor. I place 2 pads of butter inside the fish. Sprinkle to your desire a good amount of lemon pepper and lawrys seasoning salt. Add a litle garlic and onion powder. After adding the seasonings put two slices of lemon in the fish and then wrap in foil. If you cook on a nice hot BBQ it turns out great and it doesnt take long at all.