View Full Version : First Pheasants of the year, fun day

11-16-2014, 06:01 PM
6:30am Lisa and I loaded up our Viszla,, Rocky,, and headed out to Hastings Is. for the first Pheasant hunt this season. It felt so good to be out walking behind our dog again without judges and other dog handlers. I really enjoyed the time with just my wife and watching the dog do what is in him naturally. I dropped a couple just to get some fresh blood on my vest. Lisa had a good day, taking her first of the year with a impressive crossing shot. I can't wait for our new pup Lexi to get a little older and get her in the field working with Rocky. She's about 16 weeks old now and we have all ready introduced her to the sound of a starting pistol with no issues at all. After she's used to a shotgun blast, she'll be in the field. She's pointing and chasing the wife's chickens around the place like a mad dog, well, only when Lisa is at work and doesn't know about it. We forgot the camera and only had a phone to take a pic so the color is off. Good times ahead,,,gregg