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Valley Fisherman
12-25-2014, 11:28 PM
Well I went and took the advise of others and made my own fishing rod. It actually wasn't too difficult just took a long time because I first had to strip it, then paint and finish the rod then build it and my work schedule wasn't helping either.

First, this is an old rod I had, an ugly stik catfish casting rod, that was extra and I first went about stripping off the old handle, reel seat and guides. It wasn't easy and it was a pain taking off the old cheap epoxy and sanding it down to the blank. I then prepped it and painted the blank a gloss black color and polished the clear coat to bring out the sheen. I like long handles, so I got a 13" eva reargrip and a long 8" eva foregrip. The reel seat was a Fuji DPSM17. This rod was build custom for an Abu Garcia 6501 Baitcaster loaded with 30 Lb braid and a short 20 Lb mono topshot.

For the guides I spiral wrapped it with an Ralph O'Quinn style which uses a slow transition of 5 Fuji BKWAG-6 guides. The running train consist of 8 BKBAG-6 guides followed by a BFAT-7 tip top. Since this blank is a parabolic rod I had to move the butt/stripper guide very close to the foregrip to prevent the line from touching the grip or my hands under load. Therefore I used a BLCAG-12M for the butt/stripper guide. Normally the 0 degree transition guide is the stripper guide but in this case, because of the above parabolic action, I added the LC-12M guide to go with the KW-6 guide as a short two guide reduction train.

I did standard static testing to determine running guide location, I didn't use any per-determined numbered layout. For the spiral transition, I eyeballed the 5 guides to make them equal distance in terms of degrees from 0-180 and then fined toned them when under static load testing. This is a two piece rod so I made the first 180 degree transition near the ferrule of the top piece. I then went out to the river and did several test casts and paid attention to line slap, and line lay on my reel and I think the guide layout is good.

I still need to put threads on and finish but just wanted to share pics and maybe hear/read some thoughts and opinions from fellow rod builders. Thanks


12-26-2014, 09:37 AM
Dig the white wraps against black blank.