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05-03-2007, 03:05 PM
Could use some help on how to post pictures. Took my son on his first fishing trip today and would like to post his catch.


05-03-2007, 03:09 PM
GT, this will help you out.

05-03-2007, 03:10 PM
I am posting this here to encourage everyone to post pictures. Pictures make everything more interesting, and posting them on the Sniffer board is really easier than it seems. Some of this info has bee copied from the Talk to the Sniffer board. If this helps let me know, if you are still having trouble contact me through PMs and I will render further assistance.

The first thing about posting pictures on the Sniffer board that everyone needs to know is the proper picture size needs to be 450 x 388 pixels less. You will have to do this yourself before you go to the next step. There are lots of commercially available programs that do this. The next is you need to have your picture hosted. There are many picture hosting sites on the net, Moment of Fame and Image Shack are two of the most popular. I find Image Shack to be the easiest and most reliable, but if you find one that is better share it here so others can use it also.

I'm going to limit these directions to Image Shack, but they will work for other services as well. Once you find Image Shack there will be a button that says browse click it then navigate on your computer to where the image is. Click the image and then click open. Then click Host image. After you click Host Image a page will open with a bunch of links that reference your image. I like to highlight the one that says direct link to image and right click on it, then click copy.

Hang in there we are coming to end. At this point I open another window with the Sniffer in it. On that window navigate to the post that you want your picture in click reply. On the reply window type in the proper img tags between the square brackets (see picture below). Right click between the brackets and paste the link to your image. To test your image click preview, if your picture is there then everything is cool click post. It is really easier than it sounds.

picture courtesy of Pulper80

The URL for Image Shack is:

If you are still having trouble email me at Fishcarver@citlink.net or PM me and I'll try help.

One last thing to add. If you can not or do not want to resize your picture Image Shack also gives you a link that says something like thumbnail to image. You can copy and paste this link on to your post, and anyone who clicks on that thumbnail will be shown a full sized version of your picture in a new window.
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Re: Posting Pictures
Reply #1 - 06/24/05 at 23:05:04 Hogs Bro, glad to have you here as MOD.. Hopefully after the weekend of the 4th I'll have some pics to post up! This is my first rockfish trip and I'm hoping for nice water.