View Full Version : Another Rio Vista Report

03-21-2015, 09:48 AM
Although my trip was not as successful and the previous Rio Vista report, I am obligated to my fellow fishsniffer's to make a report. Was on the water a first light yesterday fishing off of Decker Island in 30 feet of water. Fished through the outgoing tide and to the middle of the incoming tide. Both tides had a good current flow. Used ghost shrimp, eel and roe. Had bites through the day which resulted in two small shaker stripers on the ghost shrimp. None of the bites could be "logged" as sturgeon hits. The weather was perfect: overcast and no wind. The grass was not much of a problem. Would accumulate some grass above the weight but nothing on the leader. Had visits on and off most of the day from the seal lions. Water temp was a around 62.5 degrees. Also had a visit from Fish and Wildlife wardens, which was nice to see in the area. Great day on the water and the catching will just have to wait for another day.