View Full Version : Scout report on Electra road Downstream

04-21-2015, 04:29 PM
Well with a week remaining , I decided to hit the Moke downstream from 88. water level was very very low flowing at around 100 CFS from the PGE generator into Pardee Res
One word.!!!!!!Move!!!!
Move to Another Location ,Not one single bite . If the bites dead downstream , It will be dead Upstream and they Don`t Plant Upstream anymore near the Beach
I know Sac Sierra Trouts Unlimited Has surveys Boxes. But Don`t bother filling them out .They don`t seen to Care about that fishery anymore. What was Once a great trout fishery has fell to the lows of the low. They even posted a new sign downstream trying to keep fisherman from fishing downstream beyond 1000 yards. Of course that will end up on the bottom of the stream as they did the Barb Wire that was mangled.But then again its Ok for the rafters to use that body of water and Pardee can have Gas operated rented boats on there lake.. and that`s Drinking water for the Bay area.you would thing access to the river would be free.since folks are paying to drink it.
Have fun Opening day 2015. Go up to Big trees park . catch your limit and feast good.