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01-04-2016, 09:47 AM
Am I the only one who looks at these Lassen planters with disappoint? They just aren't as pleasing to the eye as the EL strain or the Amabows, or previously planted fish in our lakes. And while I haven't caught that many of them, the fight just isn't there. They seem to give up too quick, no fast hard runs, and no acrobatics.

If only the powers that be could get their crap together and stop killing off the hatcheries.


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01-04-2016, 10:32 AM
I've caught a few Lassen fish and would agree. Compared to a ELT or a Lake Sonoma Steelhead they do feel like wet rags. Pyramid has some feisty fish.

01-04-2016, 12:00 PM
Collins in the past has planted a lot of Lassen fish and most guys I talk to seem to only be interested in the trophy "Lassen" trout. I am not sure exactly when but a few years ago they started planting some from Oregon from a different hatchery. They are way better fighters and better on the table as well (IMHO). The first really large Oregon fish that I caught really kicked my butt on light bass tackle and I told management that I thought they were a better quality fish than the Lassen trout. Typically the fins are in way better shape and the fish just look better. They are not perfect but not bad. Every time I talk to them about the plants I tell them I really like the Oregon fish better. I think they still get fish from both hatcheries and I suspect that is a business decision based on price and availability. Don't get me wrong I will target either of those trout but I do like the Oregon fish better.

Captain Compassion
01-04-2016, 05:50 PM
The Oregon fish come from the Desert Springs Trout Farm in Summer Lake, Ore. This outfit recently bought another hatchery in Susanville, Prior to the last couple of years these fish were mostly stocked in Alpine County and north. Now with the exit of the Alpers operation they are stocked in the Eastern Sierra as well. This strain of fish are Donaldsons Bows and are far superior to the Lassen fish. Better fighters and better eating. These fish are our summer staple in the Carson and Walker Rivers and ICR and are stocked in most of the 395 lakes.

10#+ "Oregon Trout" from the W. Carson River.


01-04-2016, 06:32 PM
I honestly feel that all hatchery rainbows, except hatchery steelhead are weak and a disappointment. Although I did catch about 7 dessert spring bows at bear this year that where very good smoked. Lol only two of them I think gave some kind of a fight. They where all 5+ lbs also. I feel that they just don't get the same survival instincts as they do in the wild. A will to survive so to speak. They are easily caught and a must needed source for the waters of California. The states hatcheries are in shambles. I think the rearing pens in individual waters are a great thing. They are raising a much better, harder fighting fish that way. Their survival rates should be higher also.

01-04-2016, 11:55 PM
Hell bring back planing of Browns in our lakes and stop playing Politics with the fish .other states have no problem with it
maybe thats why the revenue they get supports the Programs they have . Its like here in Calif it s racial thing with the fish , if your a native Fish , Great if not a native your discontinued or put down. Browns fight like no other, next to Steel head.

01-05-2016, 01:07 AM
I just came across this pic a few minutes ago, funny how that works. I refuse to fish Amador nowadays. I've caught plenty of lassens, they taste good and have nice colored fillets for culinary presentation, but that's about it. If I want lassen trout for dinner, I can go to Raleys and pick some up, not very appealing to me. IMO, they aren't even that pretty in comparison to other types of bows or the cuttbow donaldsons of old Amador.

This was about 45lbs of trout give or take a few, biggest ones were pushing 10 if memory serves me correct. 2006 pulling firetiger J-5's, never had fished Amador before, so my dad talked to someone at the shop who sold us 4 J-5's and basically just said troll them like you would shallow stripers. Amazing how hard those fish pulled on Lamiglas koke rods.

Cuttbows were much prettier, fought the best and for a $20-$45 investment to go and fish Amador with fuel and fees factored in, the pure yield of meat you got off them from a day of fishing was just so much more than lassens and the dink DFG stockers give. People said they tasted a little off, but they tasted fine to me. I know lot of financial stuff and other factors goes into what a lake decides to stock, this is just my opinion.

Oh yeah, the donaldsons were much more predatory and wild as well, I remember catching one off the dock throwing a J-5, thing came out like a striper and smoked it. They patrolled the banks and seemed way aggressive


01-05-2016, 10:10 AM
Oh the good old days of slamador. Yep just like you said me and my cousin would go there and bring back big pounds of limits to smoke up. Average stringer weight was 25 pounds back then and smoked up great. And they were definitely a lot better to fight. And great looking trout not all stuby looking. I still Remember the first one I caught 27 inches and shaking like a leaf fighting that thing.