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06-01-2016, 08:59 AM
Hello friends and fellow fishermen,

Lost a rod in the drink on Memorial day when a fish - probably a bat ray decided it wanted some extra jewelry. I heard a splash, saw the rod holder folded down towards the water and the butt end of my rod floating away with the current. By the time we got the anchor free, we lost sight of the semi floating rod and I resigned myself to the fact that I'll never see my rod again. For the rest of the day I repeated to myself, "we can rebuild her, we have the technology, better, stronger, faster..."

So here I am, looking at blanks and components. Need help with selecting a blank to rebuild on. I intend to use this rod in the bay and delta fishing stripers and butts. I'll be doing a lot of live bait drift fishing, bouncing bottom with 2-8 oz weights. I'm kinda torn between a 12-20lb class Seeker Black Steel series blank or a lighter St Croix GL2 inshore blank.

What's everyone else using? Anyone have comments or suggestions? Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts.

Tight lines,


06-02-2016, 06:18 PM
I like Rainshadow and Rodgeeks blanks. Rodgeeks are built in St Croix's Mexico plant. St Croix helped Rodgeeks develop their blanks.

06-02-2016, 10:55 PM
I'm going through the same process right now and am looking to replace a rods for virtually the same application as you have in mind. If you know what you had before and loved it, I would go with the same blank. I think Seeker Sglass composite blanks fit the bill nicely. Calstar also has a few suitable rods.
Im sure you have been scoping out Mudhole, only problem for me is you don't get to handle to blank. My lost rod was a no name inherited piece, so I'm having to guess based on how it fished.
Here's a few blanks I have in mind,