View Full Version : Stumpy Meadows (Lake Edson) Wednesday 7/20/16

07-22-2016, 11:47 AM
:fishing:Had planned the date with a prior co-worker and her husband - I hadn't fished with them in a few years. Was thinking of hitting French Meadows but it is quite a drive and there's almost always afternoon wind. He had mentioned that Stumpy had recently been planted - I couldn't verify that on the DFG website but thought what the heck - it's much closer t home (more time fishing than driving) I love the scenery and it's sort of protected from bad wind. Surface temp was 72 degrees. We started trolling with a variety of offerings to see what might work - there weren't that many boats out on a Wednesday but those we did pass by were as frustrated as us with no bites. We'd completely rounded the lake and were making our 2nd pass around 1:00 when one hit at 25' on the downrigger on a sep's ultralight string of colorado spinners and a crawler. We managed another one across the lake at about 30' on a Sep's dodger with green tape and crawler - we all put the same rig on and ran 2 lines on each downrigger circling the main part of the lake just to the left of the point that sticks out towards the ramp. They seemed pretty scattered but most were caught at the ramp side of the lake. They were in pretty good shape 13" -> 15" a little on the skinny side - must have been hungry - most swallowed the hook, no parasites. We called it a day at 4:00 with 6 rainbows in the boat. There's still plenty of water in the lake.