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08-02-2016, 09:13 AM
:sour::sour: Haven't been to UVR in quite some time. Brother in-law tried for trout with Ford Fender & crawler at various depths on downrigger. I tried for kokanee with hoochies, dodgers and corn. Launched at Sunset, fished the cove to the left of the ramp, the mouth of the inlet, up stream to the boom line, sunset point, and a short time at the dam. Got one kokanee on green dodger, green & white hoochie w/ corn at 35' at the mouth of the inlet - spit the hook about 10' from the boat. Couldn't get another bite so continued to search. No fish in the boat. Surface temp = 75, plenty of water, ramp in the water.
If anyone is willing to share tips for fishing UVR, sure would be appreciated!!!
Tight lines!!!

08-02-2016, 01:15 PM
Try lead core 5 colors gold dodger 18 inch leader threaded night crawler 11/2 to 2 mph---good luck

08-02-2016, 06:30 PM
I was there early morning on Sunday - had four hookups and three landed (one trout, two kokanee). Pink hoochies, chrome dodgers, shoepeg corn seasoned in pro cure kokanee killer and 45'-60' depths were the ticket. Speeds were in the 1.3 mph range.

08-03-2016, 09:06 AM
Thanks for the tips - hope to make it out there again - gotta get that skunk stink off of me!

08-18-2016, 11:58 AM

08-31-2016, 11:23 PM
Haven't been there in a while . Last time only rainbow

09-04-2016, 10:06 PM
Was shore fishing there yesterday evening. Wanted a quick trip and didn't want to haul the boat up there for such a short time.
I missed (Two hits on spinners but lost 'em both) but saw many trout jumping at sunset. Many small fish 1" to 2" swimming and eating bugs near to shore so there is forage there. And the Russian couple that I was near caught two 14"ers on powerbait in the two hours that I was there.

Haven't been there in a while . Last time only rainbow