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12-26-2016, 10:40 PM
This comes from one of the Facebook groups I'm banned from so I have a screen shot. Dog was found off Highway 162 at Wickman Rd near Biggs CA with a mallard in its mouth. Pics look like dog hasn't eaten in some time.

If you know of anyone who lost a dog in the area please call John Casaulong at 770-880-8810. Please share if you hunt or fish this area in hopes someone sees this.


12-27-2016, 05:31 PM
Where are you banned? I got kicked out of the Sac River fishing page for posting a pic of a greenie that was in the water that i didn't catch [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

12-27-2016, 05:55 PM
530 Fishing. They didn't like that I posted a limit of spots and LM from Folsom and that I kept them. And it escalated from there, including death threats to me. Over fish! So I took it a step further with a picture off eggs from one of them we cleaned. That tipped everyone over the edge and I got banned. Page is nothing but poachers and tweekers anyway.

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12-27-2016, 07:26 PM
Ahhhh poor boy, "with a mallard in his mouth" GOOD BOY! Hope somebody claims him, if not you can drop him off at my house in Twain Harte, I'd take good care of him.

12-30-2016, 04:14 PM
Not sure what kind of dog it is. Possibly a mix. Looks like a lab face and possibly English pointer body. In any event a hell of a hunting dog, lost, lonely, miserable, starving and still holding on to the mallard. Brings a tear to my eye. Hunting dogs especially have a tender spot in my heart.
I don't have a good feeling about the owner. No collar, not chipped, that's not a good dog owner.
I love my dogs like they are my kids (actually they are), they are a part of the family, nothing I wouldn't do for them. I pray that dog finds a good loving home.

01-05-2017, 12:48 PM
Ahhhh poor boy, "with a mallard in his mouth" GOOD BOY! Hope somebody claims him, if not you can drop him off at my house in Twain Harte, I'd take good care of him.

that is exactly what I was thinking...if owner isn't found, I would gladly take him and care for him.

poor baby, so skinny.

03-06-2017, 12:00 PM
Anyone know if this dog found a Good Home?

10-02-2017, 06:53 PM
I read this post and I am not a hunter, the thing that caught me first is what happened to the hunter. If you have ever found a dead body it is not a pretty sight and you have to explain yourself as to why you called it in and if you know anything about that person. Believe me it is not a pleasant thing if you think you are doing the right thing and they turn things on you........Jetspray

10-02-2017, 07:26 PM
Jetspray, I am pretty sure the dog was abandoned. There are numerous examples of bird hunters dying while afield and their dog wonít leave their side until they are found. If someone had died in the area the dog was found , when he didnít show up there would be a huge search. I know you love your critters like I love mine but there are a lot of dirt bags that take their pets out in the country and abandon them. No place hot enough in hell for those people.

10-02-2017, 10:58 PM
Anyone know the outcome of this story? I'd of adopted him in a heartbeat. I have a very special love for labs and retrievers, as I have never not had at least one, usually many more in my immediate family. I was blessed enough to have a legendary hunting dog through my teens, I still miss Mr. Molson Golden every day.

10-02-2017, 11:55 PM
I have tried to find the outcome, but I can't get over to the group that had the original post and I never received a response back from the message I sent to the gentleman that found the dog.

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