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02-27-2017, 02:56 PM
Greetings all!

Couple of weeks ago I went out lake fishing (Melones) with my father in law for rainbow trout. Went trolling all the day, great day for fishing, not a great day for fish lol. We managed to land 3 good sized trout. And I'm addicted lol. Here's my "problem" I won't be able to always go fishing with my father in law due to conflicting work schedules so until I can afford a boat I will be doing a lot of shore fishing. I currently have a shakespeare ugly stik gx2 7' medium pole with a Pflueger President 6940 Spinning Reel. Eventually I will move up to a baitcaster and casting rod when I get more comfortable with the basics. I plan on buying spare spools for my reel and having line on them depending on the fish I'm aiming for. I live in the San Joaquin Valley of California, with in an easy drive of many waterways and lakes. Also any pointers on general freshwater fishing much appreciated as well. Also I'm planning on heading up to the trout pond at Camanche on Thursday, would this set up work? 8lb test, 6lb leader, swivel, and 1/8 or 1/4 oz chrome/blue Kastmaster spoon or rainbow trout Panther Martin spinner. Thanks for your time.


02-27-2017, 03:34 PM
Welcome to the boards Nightfrye776. The rod and reel you have is fine for fishing from shore lures or bait. 6 or 8 lb line is also fine. Also the lures you plan to use are good choices. You don't need a bait caster and casting rod. The spinning outfit you have will serve your purposes quite well. I don't see any advantages to getting a bait caster. If you want another rod and reel you might consider a lighter weight spinning rod and reel. It's always good to have a second rod/reel.
I haven't fished Camanche pond in a few years and never fished it much so I am no expert on it. I have seen some large trout come out of it though. I fish the main lake and mostly troll.
For the pond use the lures you mentioned and I'd also try bait like power bait and similar baits. Hopefully someone more experienced than me fishing the pond will share their expertise and techniques.
If you have other questions feel free to ask. Be specific as possible.

02-27-2017, 05:42 PM
Howdy, Night.

You definitely need a second rod because you can get a second rod validation and fish with both!

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02-27-2017, 06:15 PM
I plan on getting the casting rod and baitcaster for bass or whatever lol. But want to be sure that I have the basics down first.

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02-27-2017, 06:35 PM
Yep you don't need a baitcaster for trout, steelhead, catfish, Pan fish . But bass and all other I use them for mostly. The basics on a spinning reel and a baitcaster are like the difference between the moon and sun. You will need to practice on the baitcaster more the spinning rod click the bail and let it fly. The SS Comanche pound I would bring trout and crappie jigs they seem to like them more than anything a lot of times. Second choice would be a casting bubble aka water bobbers with a 5'+ leader with power worms or whollybugger behind it. Reel as slow as you can and then even slower with a twitter or twitch now and again. With a second rod stamp and rod you can be soaking some power eggs or dough why you try to find and entice them. Good luck welcome aboard and enjoy your days on the water.

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