View Full Version : Verona 5/08/17

05-08-2017, 05:32 AM
I fished for shad at the mouth of the Feather area and had one on for about 30 - 40 seconds before it popped off. I never saw it but it fought like a shad. That was the only shad bite I had.

Other Info:

I tried to launch at Miller but the dock is not out, and there is soo much silt that the water looked no more than a foot deep out to 10 feet or more. There was no way I could get my boat close enough to the shore to get in it if I had gotten it into the water.

I fished the mouth of the Feather area, mainly the feather side, from the launch to the mouth of the Feather, moving every 30-45 minutes. That area seems to be pretty much a flat plain on the bottom since the winter; not much in the way of drop offs or ridges in my wanderings, just gentle depth changes. There is a drop off where the currents from the two rivers come together, especially on the sac side of where the old pilings are.

Only the ramp on the downstream side is open and the dock is out (unlike Miller).

I saw a large striper (10 pounds plus) taken from shore and a couple from other boats. I only had a couple striper bites.