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05-31-2017, 11:36 AM
Launched at Miller Park on the sand bar and no dock with the family at 5:30 am. I learned that if you beach the boat inside the marina cove to the north of the launch, the incline is steep and itís easy to move on and off the shore. We had first tried Discovery Park, but it didnít open until 6:00 am, and I didnít want to wait. The pay box at Discovery was gone and the gates were locked Ė I thought they normally unlock the gates at 4 AM!!!?

From Miller Park, we ran downstream to the minnow hole. The current was too fast, and there was too much dirt and debris in the water. We pulled lines and headed upstream to anchor with the fleet below the mouth of the American River. There were only about four boats there when we arrived.

I anchored in 12 feet of water about 80 feet off the bank below the second water intake tower. I saw a few boats below me hooking up, so I moved the anchor rope to the port side of the bow rail, and cranked the motor to the side so the boat swung in-line with the boats who were hooking up. Just like clockwork, a few minutes later we had our first hookup which came unbuttoned.

The first fish hit the net at 7:30 am, and we had a nice flurry of hookups before it went quiet for about an hour and a half. Another steady group of fish came through, and then it slowed down again around 10:30 am. We pulled lines and headed back with seven shad in the box while losing eight fish.

We had to clear debris off of the lures about every ten minutes, as it would build up pretty quickly. There was a ton of floating debris and sticks which fouled the lines very often. We seemed to be hooking more fish than the boats around us, and it may have been due to our diligence of clearing the lines often. We were also using different lures than most.

We were running a typical dropper setup similar to what is shown here (http://www.bassjack.com/shad_tips.htm)under the Deep Water Boat Setup. The only difference is that Iím using a cross lock swivel instead of coming straight off of a dropper loop. The reason for the swivel is that Iím running Dick Nite spoons, which sometimes spin in the current. The smallest size Dick Nite spoons in chartreuse, chartreuse/pink, pink, or white/pink all caught fish. I also got a few hits on one inch white grubs.

All of the early fish came on the bottom leader, which was about 18 inches off the bottom. Three of the fish later in the morning came on the top leader, which was about 40 inches off the bottom.

In order to avoid tangles, we lowered the lures into the water very slowly, making sure each spoon was fluttering correctly before lowering the rig. We slowly back bounced the rig along the bottom until it stayed put. We were using two ounce sinker on the far setbacks, which ended up about 80 feet back. We staggered the rods between these, and rods with four ounce sinkers which were almost straight down. Staggering the rods like this only resulted in one tangle during a frantic double hookup.

Here I am with two nice females

My son holding a shad. People were anchoring right on top of each other Ė it was classic!

05-31-2017, 06:37 PM
Awesome report as usual. The boy looks proud, as well he should.

They use those spoons up on the Columbia a lot. Good to know shad are shad no matter where.

Nice work dialing in the details.

Thanks for the report.

05-31-2017, 08:51 PM
Nice Report! That's a hawg u got there! Did u measure the size by any chance?

05-31-2017, 09:33 PM
thanks for the report. You got yourself some real nice fish there. Glad the little guy was hooking into them too.

06-01-2017, 03:45 AM
I believe Discovery is still closed to the public. Sac. Co. parks says june 15 along with Howe ave ramp.

06-01-2017, 11:08 AM
Wow! that one is HUGE!, nice report too.

06-02-2017, 05:30 AM
Nice job.

I hope some of these fish decide to go up to Verona. It's been dead there for shad. I'm wondering if they are all going to go up the American where the water is cleaner.
Last weekend the water out of the Feather was faster, dirtier and colder than the Sac by about 7 degrees. Sac was about 65-66 and the Feather was 58-59 degrees. I could not find any fish on the warm or the cool side.