View Full Version : Eagle Lake 6/23

06-26-2017, 04:37 PM
Fished Eagle over the hot weekend. Water temp started at 69 degrees and rose to 73 by noon. No wind, glassy lake and very hot --95 degrees in the afternoon. Not very good conditions. We caught 5 trout and a Tui Chub for 2 mornings of fishing. 4 of the 5 were caught before the sun rose -- in 12 feet of water by the Broccoli tree. The fish we caught were all very fat and healthy and fought like demons! Our biggest was 20 inches and weighed 3.6 pounds. I had heard the fishing was getting better -- before the heat wave. I talked to a flyfisherman who was anchored up as I trolled by -- he said he and his clients caught 42 trout last weekend -- today they had One!
Our fish were all caught on orange and rainbow trout Excel spoons at about 2.3 mph. Tried trolling flies for a while with no luck. Trolled deeper waters after the sun came up. Saw a few fish at 25 feet, but could never get them to go. It will get better as the lake stratifies -- and should be a good fall as well. We launched the 21' Rogue Jet Coastal with no problem at the Spalding ramp. There was a tremendous hatch of flies -- they were all over the water, but we never saw and trout rising.

06-27-2017, 07:31 AM
If the bites gonna be tough that size fish is a good consultation prize. I'm probably strange but think theirs some satisfaction in having to work and pick up a few quality fish over a wide open bite. Sense of accomplishment thing. Or maybe that's just I tell myself. Either way, nice fish.

Enjoyed the read.