View Full Version : Camanche 9/7/17

Trolling Dave
09-08-2017, 02:30 PM
Fished Camanche yesterday. On the water by 7:00 am and headed for Little Hat Island. Lowered the down rigger to 30' with a rainbow trout speedy shiner at 2.3mph. Got a 16" bow at 7:20 and thought it was a good sign. Boy was I wrong! That was the only fish for the day beside a small bass caught while trolling a cripplelure. Marked a lot of fish but they just weren't hungry. We were the boat fishing the area and the waters were calm. A big thanks to Koke Machine83!! for info on were to drop our lines. Trolled down to 45' as it got warmer but still no love.

Trolling Dave

dave g
09-08-2017, 08:33 PM
I was out there today. Same story except we got 3 bass and 1 trout.