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11-03-2017, 02:51 PM
Made a run up from the Bay Area on Oct. 22 not expecting to see anyone else at the lake, but surprise there were 2 other campers there, and one of them looks like there were set up for a couple weeks. After hitting the hot springs on the way in, enjoyed a very calm day with nearly zero wind. Was in no hurry to get on the water, started trolling abt noonish. Picked up 6 rainbows in about 2 hours, all 12-13 inches, nothing of size, perfect for the skillet later that night. I usually pick up a few Browns, especially this time of year, but none this trip. Lake was down about 25 ft. From full, as they do drain it regularly as it is a PG&E lake, but still lots of water. Second day we were there they make a trout plant, which excited the other campers, but catching fish fresh from the hatchery truck ain't my thing. Oh special highlight, when heading back to campsite saw a bald eagle apparently munching a trout on a stump near shore, tried to go in for a closer look but the bird took off before we even got close.

Trout Tracker
11-04-2017, 05:31 AM
Sounds to me like you had a great day and sounds
like the weather was good.
Nothing wrong with pan size trout.

05-26-2018, 05:22 AM
wasnt many campers or fishermen because as i mentioned on another thread, the locals there in the dopers and indians in the area are geting bad about buring and ripping off fishermens rigs in the area. cops wont even go back there! its gotten so bad the locals wont even fish back there ( i live in the fall river valley)

to bad, has some nice trout in it, but as i said, no fish is worth loosing my life or rig over.