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03-21-2018, 06:23 PM
Lady was selling a whole bucket full of rods with some reels and I purchased them. One of the rods is a foam handle Fenwick as follows:
Classic Glass FS 89 LTR 8’10” 1-2.5 oz lure. 15-30 lb Test Line.

32277 32278 32279

The rod has these weird rollers instead of eyes. The rollers are fairly small and the rod is really flexible.... it could easily go on a downrigger. Seems like it may work for pulling spinners too. It has a nice Daiwa Sealine 27LC reel on it... I’m guessing the guy used it for salmon trolling... maybe off a rigger?

Anybody ever seen or heard of a rod like this? Can anybody tell me anything about it? “Oh those are great rods” or “those are garbage”

03-21-2018, 06:51 PM
Great rods, 2 types made 1 was made in Taiwan the other was made in Washington
The first run of rods you could tell from the grip
Cork was Usa and Eva foam were Taiwanese. Unfortunately this was only initially( the Taiwan rods were for a big box store)

Ironically, since fenwick was one of the first companies to use graphite their glass was "classic" in the late 70s haha

Those guides are ultralight rollers, They're very light compared with a comparable sized stainless ring I think the frames were graphite.

Like most glass rods, probably a moderate action
Yours was designed for Flat fish
The 8-15 is still an exceptional steelhead plug rod.

I caught my first striper circa 1988 on a 7'6" fenwick classic glass 8-20 (traditional guides)
I wish I had that rod
Nice come up

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03-21-2018, 06:55 PM
Cool, I got a dedicated flatfish plug rod! Yeah, mines the Taiwan version. I guess come July I’ll just leave it rigged with one of those wobble plugs for the river kings!
Hmmm, now to use the Sealine line counter or just put an ambassador on it...